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Inquisition Acolytes & painting plans for 2018

This is a post of two halves orbiting around the theme of “I PAINTED THIS.” Over the last year, I’ve made the shocking discovery that having deadlines results in getting stuff done. Conversely, anything without a deadline was either done slowly or not at all. Fancy that.
Annual hobby progress log & plans for 2018 Lately I’ve been doing the hobby equivalent of spring cleaning: finishing off the last little bits of various projects. Last year was billed as the Year of Finishing, and I’d call it a moderate success. In 2017 I… Finally finished my ork speed freaks in time forthe SamalutIX campaign (with some last-minute help from Maisey).Made awarband for Frostgravein time for, well… playing Frostgrave.Painted the genestealer cult army in Deathwatch: Overkill plus bonus genestealers (with help from Andy) in time for the Deathwatch mission to Kursanov Prime.Painted theTabletop World guard tower.Expanded my BFG fleets for the Navy and Necrons.A wee green shaman.Other stuff? Maybe? Can’t r…
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The Onefinger Tribe

Way back in 2014...

Excuse me while I have a little dizzy moment as I realise that was FOUR YEARS AGO!!

... ahem...

Right back in the room. Back in 2014 I introduced a little side project as a break from my endless undead army. This was a band of Ogres named the One Finger Tribe: The Protecterors of Ostland and their back story can be found Here- Blood, Sweat, and Flab.

Since then I actually finished the rest of the tribe but had rudely neglected to share them with you. So without further ado I give you, The One Finger Tribe:

Nargutt Onefinger:

Leader of the tribe. Lost 4 fingers on one hand after winning a bet over who could catch a spinning dagger out of the air. Nargutt isn’t the greatest leader, but he is the biggest and strongest, which is enough to keep him in power for now.

Comehere Chickenchaser:

Short of brain power, big on chickens. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in violence, an affinity with gut magic, and his now infamous offal and rock stew.

Burping Rhone:

Frostgrave: Critterwatch Episode One

Hello everyone! I'm rogue Druid Kri Spackham, we've packed up the studio and come out here to the frozen wasteland of Frostgrave to take a look at the exciting wildlife in this thawing hellhole. Join us as we explore in this year's Critterwatch!

Lets jump straight to those live cameras as we've seen some incredible action already today! A territorial challenge between a greater frost wyrm and a snow troll! It might look like a back garden in Cardiff but no! It's the heart of the frozen city!

So with that challenge ending in tentative, immobile standoff it's probably worth looking closer at these wonderful creatures and how they've come to live in this overly-chilled wizard-ghetto. Firstly, of course, neither of these are truly natural, they are in fact Not Proper Creatures (NPCs) created by magic and now wandering the city supplementing their diet with adventurers foolish enough to go searching for treasures.

The Frost Wyrm is a particularly magnificent spe…

Frostgrave: The warband grows!

Jeff: Greetings fellow explorers of the City of Chilly Corpse Disposal Facility! We have been making a few more forays into the Frozen City and as a result my warband has grown even more than it was before. Time to share these bad hombres (and have a natter about winter basing at the latter part of this post).

Owing to some well-applied violence and not a little luck in the early stages of the campaign I had wound up with what is colloquially termed All Of The Money. Thus I had much to spend to expand my warband and thought some pricey specialists would do the job. One barbarian, a templar and 2 treasure hunters later and the job was a good 'un. I've taken an inn (the "Ragged Duchess") over as my headquarters so I can have 11 fighters total in the warband and this fills all the slots. There's also the transient member of my warband, the model representing the succession of zombies all called Stinky Pete.

First up we'll take a gander at the magnificent thews o…

He's a very Nauty boy!

Mark: As this is the year of finishing things* I decided to pick up two much neglected models I’d started some time ago: my two Gork / Morkanauts.
This is the rather sad state they were in in November.

Bad Bits
A lot of people dislike the Gokanaut / Morkanaut model (hereinafter referred to as a 'Naut) and cite its ungainly gait, dodgy balance and funny looking transport section.  I’m happy with the general shape of the Gorkanaut. It’s the add-on bits like the extra big shootas, rokkits and force field that I really hate. All in all, It makes the 'Naut look like a McWarmachine.

Honestly, these bits are gopping. They give every appearance of being after-thoughts, added to up-gun the model and sculpted with an eye solely on keeping sprue space down. Compare the big shootas to the ones you get on the battlewagon sprue and you'll see what I mean. 
As per usual, I forgot to take enough photos during construction and painting. You'll have to use your imagination.  
Straight …

WFB 8th edition house rules

Today I’m going to run through the Beard Bunker’s house rules for the 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. This might be a funny thing to do in the Age of Sigmarines, but there seem to be plenty of lingering souls with a fondness for square bases and regimental strategy.
I’ve been keeping a vague eye on AoS, but the setting still comes across to me like generic fantasy land, and the game’s depth seems, from my cursory understanding, to be like 40K in that synergistic list building is more important than battlefield manoeuvres. That might be unfair of me; anyone reading this is most welcome to correct me in the comments or link to videos that demonstrate otherwise. I fully accept my fallibility!
For now, though, regimental combat still gets my blood pumping. I’ll start with the house rules, then explain my thinking.

Warhammer 8th Edition according to the House of Beard
Movement Infantry charge M+2D3 and advance/flee 2D6.Cavalry/swift striders/M>7” charge M+2D6 and advance/f…

WFB Empire Army Showcase

Today's post is brought to you by a desire to have a photo of my entire Empire collection, since until today no such photo existed. As concepts for posts go that's verging on the anaemic, but I like seeing photos of other people's armies, so, er, I'll just go ahead and flop mine out on the table for everyone to see.

I call this a collection rather than an army because there are more characters in it than would be practical for use in a single game, even if I were using the whole army. I have six wizards because it's fun to have options, and I have a battle standard bearer for both the Middenheimers and the Hochlanders (although if I'm desperate to use Ms Thiele whilst also having Kurt hanging out with his greatswords, I designed her so that the banner could be removed from her base).
With no characters included, the units weigh in at about 3,500 points (in 8th ed Warhammer Fantasy). There's then 14 characters, but since you'd never take all of them this e…