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Heavy Metal. Genestealer Cult #11 - Goliaths and Rockgrinder

One of things I love about playing as a Genestealer Cult is the insurgent feel. You aren't using too many military things, you're bodging together weapons and turning tools into instruments of destruction. Well, there isn't any bodged together instrument of destruction more destructive than this bad boy. Behold the Rockgrinder and despair!

Now that is a Goliath Rockgrinder. The one that you get in the kit is a bit... Well it's silly if I'm honest. It's just a big dozer blade with spinny saw blades serving no discernible purpose. I know they did the best they could with the limitations of space on the sprue but... I didn't like it. Wasn't going to include one in the army despite how funny running over someone with effectively a woodchipper on steroids would be. Until I remembered: I had a Hades breaching drill knocking around. Aeons ago I bought a Hades from Forgeworld and the one they sent me had two left tracks. Instead of sending me the right track th…
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Leaders of the Pack. Genestealer Cult #10 - Magos, Abominant and Iconward.

It has been noted that I have something of a completionist impulse... the fact that I nearly own all of the available figures for the Genestealer Cult range maaaay have led to buying some more (and will almost certainly lead to me getting a Locus and a Kelermorph at some point) and among them was the technically unnecessary but oh-so-pretty new Magos:

I mean just look at her. She's incredible. How could I not? But now I have two Magi. Magoses. Magos'.... I have two. So it's time for some Lore. My two Mag... the pair of Magos I have in my army are twins. Both born to an unsanctioned psyker caught up in the cult. The pair whispered in her mind as they grew within her and learned all she could teach them through gestation. Though she did not survive the birth - the twins were hungry and her psychic essence was too near and too strong - she had instilled in them a preturnatural knowledge. Old before their years the pair were destined for greatness. Of the two, Salome is by fa…

Cobalt Scions primaris captain conversion

This week's post is about the captain I converted for my primaris marines: Martellus Lucullus of the Cobalt Scions' Third Company. I'll start with how I went about the converting and painting, then take a deep dive into the background for Lucullus and his chapter. Fair warning, it's... a seriously deep dive. I got excited.

How & why I dun the conversion
The posing on the primaris captain mini is vintage 40K, in that it's a bald man pointing and shouting with one foot perched on a rock. You can also build him pointing with a power sword instead, but that makes the pose of his gun look awkward. The pointing hand, at least, suggests he was holding his gun normally, and has briefly let go to do some Tactical Pointing.

Pointy baldy man was something I'd painted too many times, and gunny swordy wavy man didn't work for me as a pose. Also the big fat bling swinging between his legs seemed... impractical. It was time to do some conversion. Besides, it's nice…

The Forms of The Beast. Genestealer Cult #9 - Patriarchs, Abberations and Familiars

While the human-ish faces of the Cult are the Primus, the Magos and the other specialists, there is only one spider at the heart of this web. The originator of the horrifying infection that sparked the growth of the Cult. The Patriarch.

The Patriarch was the original Genestealer to arrive in the area. In the case of the Starborn Souls it was curled, alone and hidden in the hold of a supply ship restocking Ortag Imperial Mineral Exploitation facilities. From this lithe purestrain, as time went on, grew the bloated, psychic monstrosity that is the Patriarch.

Given that I had established the colour scheme of the Genestealers time and again I did not need to put much thought into the Patriarch other than increasing the number of highlights. The main point of interest is the psychic glow. I wanted to emulate what the studio had done because it looked so characterful. I love the idea of this monster, more than capable of ripping you in two, being most dangerous because of its mind. To pull …

The Crooked Hand Waaaagh! showcase, part 3 of 3

This is the third and final installment of the late great Mr Sarton's orks, and this time, we're zooming in on the dodgy geezers of the army: the Deathskulls. If it's not nailed down, they'll nick it. If it is nailed down, they'll use a crowbar.

As with the Bad Moons of part one, or the Blood Axes of part two, you can expect extensive conversions and even more extensive weathering powder. The reason I've left the Deathskulls until last is because, while you're not going to see a masterclass in painting or sculpting, this force is a masterclass in theming your force. Perhaps more importantly, we're finishing here because the Deathskulls include Bunkah's Wrekkin' Krew, a unit that I think completely sums up Mark's approach to the hobby, and therefore forms a natural conclusion to this whole thing. It's not his best paint job, and it's not necessarily his single best conversion, but it is the most him.

To start, let's see this sect…