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Thoughts on Female Primaris Marines

Seeing a lone woman on the cover of the second edition of Age of Sigmar gave me a reaction I didn't expect: pride. I don't even play AoS, but there it was. Pride. This hobby has been a big part of my life, and much like Frank Turner, I am f---ing proud of it. The creativity, the enthusiasm of fellow hobbyists (well, most of them) and the time I spent working for the company showed me how the hobby legitimately gave kids who couldn't be arsed with maths, art or reading a reason to bother and helped them improve with real life stuff? Yeah, pride is definitely the word.
There is one thing that dented that pride: the way GW's storyworlds tended to be populated with monsters, more monsters, and white dudes. Things have been changing over the last few years, and it's been great to see. And now, a woman standing alone on the main cover art? This feels like a gratifying milestone.
The female Stormcast Eternals starting to come out are the sort of thing I hoped would happen…
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Deathwatch Kill Team

One of my current motivational techniques is to have all my assembled models on display in my cabinets, even if they aren't finished. This makes the unpainted ones stick out like sore thumbs, and shame does the rest of the work.

Thus, shame has pushed me to complete the first usable squad for my small Deathwatch collection.

I think of these space bros as recent acquisitions but as we all know, time accelerates with age. When I happened across the photo below, the SD card told me it was taken over two years ago. Gods dammit. At this rate, when I'm eighty, I'll be referring to President Donny 'Fart Horn' Trumples as "that guy who was in office the other month."

Dear gods, please let that not be literally true when I'm 80. He'd only have to change the US presidential term limit and drink so much Diet Coke that he discovers its hidden embalming effects to prolong his existence.

Right, back to the 41st Millennium. At least that's comparatively upli…

Big Model Nerves -or- Just Do It!

Abstract: I painted a thing, a thing I'd been procrastinating over for ages, because I was afraid I'd mess it up. The theme of today's post is: 

The thing is a Warpfire dragon – a mixed resin and plastic dragon kit from Forge World’s overlooked and ultimately abandoned Warhammer Forge project. I bought this for my Skaven as a potential ally, a plot point and as a way of getting rid of Charlie’s annoying in-universe stone elemental; about three years ago. This thing, to be precise
I built, based and primed it, and then immediately got an attack of the nerves and it got shelved for three years as I sorted out house and baby stuff.
Three years later, and for various reasons, I found I had time to properly look at it again. But I still had the same problem in that I couldn’t work out how to paint it without borking it right up.

However, I girded my loins, screwed my courage to the sticking place, set my heart to the killing position, verbed my cliché and had a damn good go.
As u…

Tzeentch Defiler Conversion

I really wanted to add a Defiler to my Thousand Sons, it is a good thematic fit with what I have already and carries a wide range of weapons options. What I didn't like was the model so much. Specifically the box that made up the main torso. It really doesn't really do it for me. So I decided to be brave and go for the conversion.

I started with the Soul Grinder model as the basis of the conversion as the daemon thing fits so well with the rest of the daemon engines I have already.

The main thing I needed was to pick the weapons. The battle cannon was a given, adding a Twin Lascannon was an easy pick given the lack of anti-tank else where in the army. The heavy flamers are always a great option.

So that decision made I had to work out how I was going to model the weapons to the Soul Grinder body. Raiding my bits box turned up a couple of Lascannon barrels and some heavy flamers. I think they are from a Leman Russ/Deomlisher kit but don't quote me on that.

The Battle Canno…


Mark wanted to celebrate the completion of his Dorkanaut and Borkanaut, and I recently finished my mechanised guard army, so we took a random day off work and threw down a big game of 40K. Power level 300ish, 6'x6'... everything looked peachy.

It would go disastrously wrong.

Everything started out fine. We set up the terrain, trying to strike a balance between having plenty of scenery but also enough space to fit our stuff on the board. If nothing else, I was very excited to fit a 6'x6' board in the house. Admittedly that's not really big enough for 300PL, and squeezing a 6'x6' into my gaming room is about as spatially optimistic as shoving Dwayne Johnson into a 1969 Mini Cooper.

Since one side was still looking a bit sparse we chucked in some bonus trees, and then since the Imperial army was tanks and mounted infantry Mark picked the ruins for his deployment zone so his lootas had something to hide in.

But when we finished deployment, it became apparent t…

Getcha Motor Running... Blood Angels Style.

Greetings Bunker Dwellers! A post like this needs musical accompanyment and I know a classic. So with the musical accompanyment sorted, lets get the gang together:

Eagle-eyed readers will have seen these chaps make their debut in the Iyanden vs Blood Angels picdump from a couple of weeks ago. Sadly they got their shiny model syndrome rubbed right off owing to my rather underestimating what Wraithguard D-Scythes could do. Eep. But now they can get their due with shiny pictures.

Long term readers - and those that followed me over from Pirate Viking Painting where the majority of my Blood Angels lived - will remember that my head-canon for the Blood Angels is a little different to the studio norm. I'm running the 3rd as a classic Tactical Company with occasional BAngel flair. This squad is one of those oddities. They are actually the 6th Tactical squad mounted on bikes in order to be outriders for the armoured column. I always thought they made more sense as a mobile tactical squad t…