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6 Hour Ambot!

Is your gang tired of a constant stream of slaying, pillaging and loot carrying?
Do you need a giant robot with an en-trained Xenos insect brain to do your heavy lifting and face smashing but you’re too short of time in your hectic gang warfare life?
Then you need, THE 6 HOUR AMBOT!
When Games Workshop first showed the Ambot model off, I knew that I needed one in my life. I also knew that I didn’t want to use their relatively ‘factory fresh’ paint scheme because
A) I’m lazy and B) I wanted mine to look battered and heavily used – like the piece of tunneling equipment it is.
I wanted to get it painted quickly – preferably between the time I dropped my Son off at school and the time that my wife picked him up. The challenge was on – paint an Ambot in 6 hours.
I did cheat a bit, the model was already assembled and primed black when I started and I did the basing after bedtime. In terms of assembly, I cut off the silly looking rotary saws and under-slung weaponry - That melta woul…
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Ultramarines Successors: the Cobalt Scions

Here's the first squad I finished for my off-brand Ultramarines, the Cobalt Scions. They're even more Roman than the Ultramarines, in that they'll have Roman flaws as well: dangerous levels of personal ambition, an obsession with venerating and exceeding the deeds of their ancestors, and the naivety to think that the humans already living in the area they're going to claim as their new fortress monastery will be happy to hand over the reins of power.

I'm breaking from the standard rules of shoulder trim indicating company colours. Instead, the left kneepad does that job, with the squad number painted onto the right shoulder pad. Everyone gets gold trim, because gold looks great with blue. The chapter icon represents the Gauntlets of Ultramar (again, a bit of ancestor worship).

The eagle-eyed will note that I appear to have some marines from squad 1 and some from squad 2 in this post. That's because there'll be some bare heads coming later, sprinkle…

Da Ork Air Force

Greetings all! Today's offering is a guest post from regular Bunker visitor Tom. If you like conversions, achievable batch painting and heavily themed 40K armies, this is a treat.

Tom: The whys and wherefores could fill an entire article, but for whatever the reasons I decided upon the release of the Ork Codex to collect a small Ork Army themed around the idea of an Orky interpretation of a WW2 air force.  Ultimately I want a bigger collection of Orky aircraft that can join up with and/or against Charlie’s, Jeff’s and Mark’s Orks in future Apocalypse games, but as a starting point I wanted to build and paint a small legal and reasonably balanced army.  I started collecting Orks since second edition, but I haven’t been playing much 40k for many years now, so this would be an entirely new army.

The whole thing has come together in a fairly Orky way, some units being built and painted long before I’d even decided on what other units would complete the army, but for the sanity of the r…

The Woodland Trust Militant Wing

Roughly *some* years ago now plans were announced for a new Beard Bunker fantasy campaign to be set in a brand new location, namely the Border Princes. As I already had a ginormous Chaos/Beastmen army I decided to dip my toe into something completely different and got hold of a Wood Elves codex.

My Chaos army was a little slap dash painting wise so for these dainty little pixies I decided to try and slow myself down a bit and spend more time on details.  I started out with some Mirkwood Rangers from the Games Workshop Middle Earth range. Yes I know the scale police should probably lock me up for this heinous crime but, to be honest, it doesn't bother me how petite they are compared to the other Elves. As they are a scouting unit, being small and lithe kinda makes sense and they'll usually be out of the way of the main army bulk. Also the sculpts are JUST SO PRETTY I couldn't leave them out of my wood elf army once I'd clapped eyes on them.  I spent a long time on the …

Blue iz da Orkiest Kolour

Oi yoos gitz, shuddap an listen ta me. I iz gett'n some of da luckiest boyz togevva to go a krumpin. We iz gunna krump yoos and yoos. So yoos betta br'n yur best shootas cuz we'z got da ladz and da trukk an 'der r loads mor boyz on da wayz

Dis iz Mogg an his boyz. Day gots all da dakka. Mogg's dun nicked a dead wikkid shoota wiv all da extra boomy bitz.

Dey dunna hav ta walk like no dirty snakebite. Day got Sennork an his trukk. Itz not red but it always getz in to da fightin cuz nuffink eva itz it.

It'z got sum dead snazzy wheels. Don't no one noes where he gotz it from. Itz got loadsa room on da back for da boyz, but they'd betta hangs on.

Ritghz hoomie, press da big red go button on me wordz.

Warcry - A review

Em recently got very excited about doing some fantasy skirmish gaming and was looking around at building up a Frostgrave warband. Her research led her to the newly released Warcry, specifically the starter set, with it's generous pile of scenery and a feral looking warband she was intending on using as her Frostgrave warband. Since it arrived as a complete game we decided to give it a try. This would be my first real dip into the Age of Sigmar universe since they blew up the old World (it's still too soon). This is our thoughts on the game.

Emma's Thoughts

What's in the box

It's hefty, and so is the price tag. But if you break it down into 'normal' GW model costs, everything in there is really a steal (as I've discovered is usually the case with these boxed sets). 

I have to be honest, the set first appealed to me because I could see the Untamed Beasts models working great with my newly purchased Frostgrave wizard (the Jaguar Boudi female shaman model fr…