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The Crooked Hand Waaaagh! showcase, part 3 of 3

This is the third and final installment of the late great Mr Sarton's orks, and this time, we're zooming in on the dodgy geezers of the army: the Deathskulls. If it's not nailed down, they'll nick it. If it is nailed down, they'll use a crowbar.

As with the Bad Moons of part one, or the Blood Axes of part two, you can expect extensive conversions and even more extensive weathering powder. The reason I've left the Deathskulls until last is because, while you're not going to see a masterclass in painting or sculpting, this force is a masterclass in theming your force. Perhaps more importantly, we're finishing here because the Deathskulls include Bunkah's Wrekkin' Krew, a unit that I think completely sums up Mark's approach to the hobby, and therefore forms a natural conclusion to this whole thing. It's not his best paint job, and it's not necessarily his single best conversion, but it is the most him.

To start, let's see this sect…
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The Crooked Hand Waaaagh! showcase, part 2 of 3

Today we have the second part of our showcase of Mark's massive ork army (catch part one's Bad Moons here). We've got moar konversions to share, plus also some comedy notes on the making of at the end. This penultimate episode could reasonably be titled "da uvver ladz," since as the above group shot indicates, it covers the smaller factions that Mark dabbled in.

I say dabbled... he embarked upon a full army of Blood Axes. It has some amazing kustom vehicles, most of which he didn't finish. In the cabinet* in which his armies are kept there is an entire shelf of 80% finished models. That Mark was an itinerant dabbler in many concurrent projects wasn't news to me, but I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went. All the projects within a stone's throw of completion have made it to the cabinet, such that we might one day help them over the finish line.

We made a point of keeping unfinished things out of this showcase, though. As amazing as the kustom ar…