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Build a Bigger Choppa (Part 2)

Like a bad rash that keeps returning no matter how many times you visit the GUM clinic, I’m back.
In mylast post, I showed how I’d built my Chinork. It basically said 'I just built it'. The time came for me to paint the thing, a slightly tougher feat. 
The plan for the nascent Blood Axe contingent of my army is that each vehicle will have its own camouflage, so the first thing I had to do was pick a camouflage pattern. I wanted to pick camo patterns that suggest that the Blood Axes understood how camouflage looked, but not necessarily why it worked. The 'Unifying theme' of the army will be its various gaudy patterns. 
So I trawled Google looking for inspiration. I didn't start with much hope, I mean what modern military service would pick a truly stupid camo pattern for their aircraft?

Turns out the RAF would. Presumably this is the camo they use when fighting in a tiger infested war zone?
Having selected the paint scheme, I painted it. Rather than write out in long ha…
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Sometime perhaps in the not too distant future, I believe the Bunker will be returning to the Old World, to continue our adventures beyond Hochland, Fort Schippel, Hergig, and the comically named Bergsburg.

On their return, I'm hoping there may be a delicious added threat to venturing anywhere near a tree, because of course anywhere in the Empire really needs more reasons to fear woodland other than Beastmen, Undead, Skaven, etc, etc.  Coming soon to a forest near you, the very definition of proactive environmentalists;  pointy-eared, super-snipering tree-huggers who consider armour to be an affectation of those too slow to dodge whatever the others throw at them.
The Wood Elves (WElves) are a force with a very nice theme and some extremely good looking and evocative models (I'm looking at you Dryads, Wild Riders, Treemen...);  Wardancers are not part of that list however.

Very much a product of their time, and with an amazing dynamism, their proportions don't quite work …

5 Beards... 25 Gun Barrels

The magnificently bearded bastards populating this post were actually painted back in January, which means I finished three Empire units in the same month. Ooosh.
These guys represent one of my most epic procrastinatory fails; I built them, thought about painting them, remembered how long it took me to paint the other cavalry in my Empire army, and then stuck them in the box of unpainted shame. For seven years.
Well there comes a time when one simply has to sack up and throw some paint at the problem, and since I didn't want to spend ages on the project I decided to see how much of it I could do with drybrushing. The answer: quite a lot. I figured bay horses would take best to this treatment, with only the white bits needing to be wet-brushed. The outriders' capes were also fair game; the metal was similarly quick as it just got a layer of Army Painter Gunmetal followed by Nuln Oil Gloss. The whole unit got knocked out in... I forget how long exactly, but it was an evening or…

Making Sector Mechanicus terrain modular

Jeff announced he was planning a small Necromunda campaign, and so I took it as an excuse to buy a pile of Sector Mechanicus scenery. For reference, the images that follow were built from the following kits:
2x Mechanicus killzones (that's the stuff in brown plastic)2x thermic plasma regulators (2 regulators per kit = 4 in total)1x sacristan forgeshrine (that's the Imperial Knight maintenance bay kit)1x galvanic mangavent (mostly to  increase the amount of available walkways)Oh, and a spare crane I didn't use when I made the munitorum scenery. Jeff will also be donating his walkways, as he has no use for them. Here's everything laid out:

When Tom and I assembled this, we focused on flexibility. See, everything there comes apart. The kits, designed by Ray Dranfield, are astonishingly modular. Tom and I kept finding new combinations of parts that worked together during construction and were pretty much blown away as a result. The level of detail is similarly nuts. That…

Short story: The Greatest Achievement of Jonas Ostkamp

Today's post is a (very) short story from the World that Was if you're an Age of Sigmar player, or the World that Still Is if you're that way inclined. It's set during an event that we actually played through years ago in the Hochland campaign... not that it's necessary to know the context for the story to make sense. Enjoy!

* * *

The Greatest Achievement of Jonas Ostkamp

When the recruiting sergeant had told Jonas Ostkamp about the armour, pay and food given to those who served in the Weissguard Greatswords, the concept of standing one's ground under any circumstance had been abstract, and the hunger had been very real.
Now it was the other way round.
Fort Schippel, the Empire’s last bastion in Eastern Hochland, was surrounded by a throng of Norsemen. Attempts to destroy their siege towers had failed. There was no relief column coming. The Norse drummed out rhythms on their shields and screamed praises to their gods.
As the Weissguard formed up on the western …

Valhallan Blizzard texture paint review

It seems I owe Gee-Dubz an apology. When their textured paint range first came out, one of the smurfs at my FLGS let me try them out and I was… less than impressed. “You can just paint it on!” he boasted (you can’t).

Cut to several years later, and I tried applying that stuff with their texture spreader (which, I think, they released some time after the texture paints came out). It's like a tiny spatula. Suddenly, everything made more sense. Shovel it on with the wide end, do some fine tuning with the pointy end.

You have to be so careful when applying the texture paint around the feet of a painted model that I think it's probably quicker  to use sand and glue if you’re doing a big batches of bases, but I've taken to using this stuff when I just want to base one or two dudes and can't be arsed to fetch the PVA and sand… and then sit through three long drying times.

Of particular charm is the snow effect, Valhallan Blizzard. You don't have to fart about mixing bakin…

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

Good day Beard Bunkerers. Winter is a great time to get some hobby done. The outside is either filled with rain or cold enough to make your face hurt. It's best stay inside and build little plastic models. Where the heating makes your basing dry faster and there is always tea available. My January has been filled with just a single model, but it's a biggie. The mighty Flying Fortress.

Amazingly I actually managed to remember to take some in progress photos. Some of which were to share, some of which was just I would have proof that I have fully painted the interior.

It started with the bomb bay. This part is actually visible from the outside if you have the bay doors open. Each section was built up and painted separately, then joined up to form the completed interior.

The cockpit has a lot of details. Full control panel decals, included where even flight log and warnings on the door. All of which are more or less totally invisible from the outside. You have see the seats, t…