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28mm Inquisitor Warband: Drake

Jeff’s last post gave me multiple hobbygasms. The Inquisition is cool, the Cetus sub-sector is cool, the concept of skirmish games is cool. The whole state of play is pretty boss sausage. That being the case, it seemed appropriate to introduce one of the warbands that will be taking part:

I painted Inquisitor Drake some time ago and haven’t had many chances to use him, but with the advent of our Inq28 campaign, that’s set to change. That being the case, it seems appropriate to flesh him out and give him more than just a name.

Inquisitor Aidan Drake was one of the acolytes of the famously intrepid (i.e. reckless) Inquisitor Aerdon of the Ordo Hereticus. Drake had two qualities Aerdon lacked: patience and subtlety, attributes that made Drake an excellent deep cover agent. Over time, Drake was given more responsibility, until he came to co-ordinate Aerdon’s intelligence network.
For all his achievements, though, Drake felt that he was forever in the shadow of Aerdon’s other acolyte, Ben…

Inq28 - Welcome to Cetus

Lessons from 2012 and ideas for 2013

Last year, the inhabitants of the Beard Bunker challenged themselves to produce a decent Warhammer Fantasy army in a year, and we all succeeded.  Um. Well. Some more than others.

With that in mind, this post is going to do two things:
1. To reflect on how a year-long hobby project taught me some stuff about self-motivation. 2. To give you a little taste of what to expect from the Beard Bunker in 2013.

I motivated this!
I’m not a very self-motivated person. For some reason, if given a choice between doing something constructive and having a bit of a sit, I’ll often choose the latter, despite knowing that doing stuff always makes people feel better. As such, things always get left to the last minute. Every. Damn.  Time.
The lesson: having one deadline a year away will not motivate me to do stuff right now.
The solution? Have multiple, smaller deadlines that lead up to the one big deadline that actually matters. Of course, these deadlines are just arbitrary dates on a page, so I’ll ign…

Be thee a sporting gentleperson?

Jeff dropped some truth bombs in his last post. They concerned sporting conduct, and I’d like to elaborate on the theme, not least of which because he wasn’t the only one to have an uncomfortable moment of self-realisation during campaign week.

We wargamers all like to think of ourselves as sporting players. No-one wants to be remembered as a game-spoiling spoontard, be they competitive or non-competitive. But if I’m honest, sometimes my enthusiasm ebbs when everything’s going wrong, or I bitch about the unbalanced rules for that thing Jeremy Vetock wrote that one time, or (and this is a particularly embarrassing one) I get more lively when I’m winning the game.
I’ve spent years honing my painting and modelling skills. God knows how many conversations I’ve had about tactics, and army lists, and all that jazz. One would have thought that somewhere amidst all those years, I would’ve sat down and thought, really thought, about the skill of being a fun opponent. Well, now that I’ve done …