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Inq28: The Chronicles of Bastian Vandemar - Episode III

In which we conclude Vandemar's introductions with the outer circle of his operational unit. As before, links under the pictures lead to painting articles. Follow these links for Episodes one and two.

Inq28: The Chronicles of Bastian Vandemar - Episode II

In which we meet the treasured inner circle of the Inquisitor. Read episode Ihere. Follow the links beneath the pictures for the painting articles that accompany the models.

Inq28: The Chronicles of Bastian Vandemar - Episode I

Greetings bunker dwellers! Carrying on with the Inq28 excitement I've started writing the back story for my merry warband. Before long, I realised that what I really wanted was to pull an Abnett and write all of the back stories from the first-person perspective of Inquisitor Vandemar. So here I present episode I of the Chronicles of Bastian Vandemar where we meet our (well my) titular hero and see some of what makes him the man he is today. I'm keeping these to roughly a thousand words an episode so hopefully they shouldn't be too heavy a read! I'm also illustrating the stories with pictures of the models that represent the characters. Would love to know what people think so without any further ado, here we go: