Friday, 25 September 2015

Nerd Thunder 5: Warhammer World - Part One

Hi folks, 'tis Jeff. A while ago now, the Beard Bunker performed one of it's regular invasions of that bastion of hobby happy in Nottingham: Warhammer World. We went up to fight a bunch of small games of Warhammer to determine who was to control a Warpstone meteorite but we nearly didn't get to play at all. Because we went into the new Miniatures Halls - note plural - and very nearly didn't leave. It. Is. Magnificent. I wanted to share some of the magnificence with you but... I'd taken about 500 photos, it took a while to whittle down. But here it is at last!

I'm presenting this multi-part series not really in the order they are encountered but in vague themes, first, classic dioramas and warhammer awesomeness, it's going to be a bit of a three/four part picdump, but I think worth it:

Classic Dioramas: Almost as a way of easing you in to the glorious insanity to come, the halls start with some wonderful dioramas which will be immediately familiar to those of my gaming pedigree (read old) from the pages of White Dwarf:

lovely old Bretonnian Jousting scene, one of my favourites

A knight faces off against a dragon, much bigger than you think!

Empire Conquistadors try to rescue their comrades from Lizardman sacrifice
Wood Elves try to drive out Heinrich Kemmler
A diorama so old that it is in my 3rd Ed rulebook. Still looks surprisingly good if dated
The Rock, great diorama mostly for representing something behind the scenes rather than just battle
Classic Space Hulk diorama, lovely.
 Orcs Attack!
 The next thing you see after all that nostalgia is a massive siege. Really, really massive:

Wyvern hunting wizards, also, check out the missed doom diver :)

Dwarf Hold:
And then you get to another siege, but this one a very different tone, one very much to my liking...

Nurgle's Fortress
By this point we were realising that we may have underestimated just how much awesomeness we were going to be exposed to. When the scenery looks like concept art you know you are doing well.

Well, that's it for today, next time, Warhammer 40k stuff... :)

On to Part Two: The Warhammer 40,000 Halls

Friday, 18 September 2015

True Calibre Leman Russ

There's plenty of folks around making 'true-scale' space marines, where you make an astartes look even bigger so he towers over the other wee men on the table. Well I've headed in the opposite direction, in that I've massively reduced the bore on my Russ' battlecannon.

Why would I mess with such an iconic design? Because I find the calibre of the standard tank to be immersion-breaking in its hugeness. It looks like it's designed to shoot beer kegs, not shells.

Kegs away!
[image taken from for illustrative purposes only]

This preposterous barrel width looks fine on the Baneblade, because the rest of the tank is huge enough that it looks mostly in-proportion, that is, like a battleship cannon on a land vehicle. On a Russ? Not to my tastes. Once I swapped the barrel for one of the four long-barreled autocannons you get with the Hydra/Wyvern kit, I was surprised at how much it changes the look of the tank.

In case you're wondering, yes, there was some conversion work. Here's a pre-paint closeup of the turret following some careful plasticard slicing and green stuffing:

Oh and here the tank is chillin' with members of the 2nd platoon of Echo Company, the 107th Ankran Mechanised Infantry. More of them to come. Mmmmm, basic-ass paint jobs.

Blatantly took this photo before I finished the weathering on the Russ.
Wot a nob.

Finally, since it doesn't really deserve a post all on its own, here's a photo showing almost all of my three thousand point ork fleet what I done finished the other week (there's a few squadrons of escorts not pictured that were in the other photos, but the other photos sucked too hard to use here, which is saying something).


No, they didn't get rusty in space. I imagine most ork ships are cobbled together
from reclaimed metal and built mainly planetside, which means they're rusty before
they've even had their first flight.

p.s. You may have noticed the astonishing rarity of posts these days. All I can say is that the hobby bug comes in unpredictable waves, and those waves can be few and far between when your brain meats en't treating you well. If this wasn't a hobby blog I'd talk about it, but I don't think anyone's come here for some deep insights into how depression makes you less interested in the things you love. If for some bizarre reason you do want to know how my faltering mind and my hobby intersect, or if you wish to share your own experiences, you're very welcome to say/do so below, and I shall respond.