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Storm Eagle - Work In Progress*: The Storm Eagle has Landed

Part three of the Storm Eagle build. It's all about the paint today. I know that this was my March project, and in honesty it did get finished and delivered in March, just only now getting around to sticking up a post about it.  Next time I'll show you all what I've been getting up to in April. Anyway. Here the photo dump. 

Cockpit details
Little Mens!
Base coated in a mid grey.

Frostgrave: They Came From Beyond!

Yes, like the tagline to a 50's movie this time we're all about things that "Came From Beyond!" as the other half of my Summoner warband coalesces into the world:

One of the things about Summoners, I realised during playtesting, was you need a bunch of additional models. If you want a "lowest possible cost" warband, Summoners aren't it. But for me? Oh no, don't make me paint more awesome stuff... As I've tooled my wizard's spells up for being in the Summoner theme, I've got almost all of the ones that allow you to bring in other models for the warband:

Summon Demon, Raise Zombie (yeah, still waiting on the zombie) and Familiar all bring extra models to the table. Initially I thought I'd just need one of each of the sizes of demon and a familiar because I'd been thinking of them like the zombie. You can only have one of those. But each spellcaster can control a demon so theoretically you can have two of each size of demon. Each sp…

Frostgrave: Something Wicked This Way Comes...

As regular Bunker Dwellers will know, Maisey has been organising a Frostgrave campaign for a little while. We've done some testing, figured out warbands and got to painting. To my considerable surprise, I've come in last in the "race" to finish warbands. But finished I am! Sort of, nearly, you'll understand later...

Thar they blows! A mean band of na'er-do-wells ready to take to the streets of the frozen city in search of riches and hidden knowledge that man was not meant to wot of. Mercifully no-one ever bothers to say what women may not wot of so my wizard is golden as far as the forbidden knowledge is concerned. Speaking of which...

Meet Freyja Seshat, Elven (mostly) Summoner and five times winner of Head Covering Monthly's: Least Likely To Wear A Hat award. I had wanted an excuse to paint Hasslefree's lovely Semira Marise model for ages, with Frostgrave, I had the perfect opportunity. I knew the rest of the warband would be in practical, dark age …

Storm Eagle - Work In Progress: Part 2

Good day to you all,

Not a great deal to say on this one, check back to the first post here for the background. This is just a quick post covering the remaining building stages. Lots of pictures ahoy: