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Army showcase: Ostland State Militia

We here at the Beard Bunker have a habit of getting a little carried away sometimes. None more so than myself. During one of our role play sessions we ended up creating a town militia in order to fight off some gribbles and to protect the good people of Ferlangen. I got it in to my head to then go on a create an Empire army based on that session. So I hear by present the Ostland State Militia.

The force was mostly made up of bunch of models from my first abortive attempts to get into the Empire plus a couple of extra characters I picked based roughly on our role play characters. The exception is the captain, who was an existing model I picked up because I liked the feathers.

Captain Wilhelm Holtz. A man of much beard and even more feathers. He is straight forward honest type. A little too fond of Dwaven ale but he's pretty handy with a hammer.

The rest of the characters in the army are analogues of our role play characters. Our band consisted of a warrior priest, a fire wizard, a …

Interactive sector map: the Achernar Sector

Being a suggestible person, particularly where Photoshop projects are concerned, I was recently goaded into making a map of the Beard Bunker's own fictional playpen, the Achernar Sector. Today's post is about why and how I made it. If nothing else, it's a visual summing up of the crazy amounts of detail we've put into our little corner of the 41st Millennium.

You what mate? Interactive? Indeed. Once my Photoshop fugue dissipated, I sent the map to Tom (who suggested it in the first place because he needs to visualise something to think clearly about it... like me, but moreso).
He dove into the noosphere with wild abandon and stuffed his mechandendrites in all the fun places.
When he emerged, he had assigned links to coordinates on the map, such that if you click any of the names in the image, they'll take you to the relevant page on the campaign wiki, and because at this point Tom was entirely out of control and squinting with obsessive glee, he then put little map …

Iron Warrior Surprise

When you regularly play with the same group of gamers you tend to get used to what everyone else has in their collection and when something new comes along we tend to talk about it long before it ever gets to the gaming table. Sharing your excitement with your friends is part of what makes the hobby fun. The shared enthusiasm is a good motivator to continue painting, collecting, and gaming.

However, sometimes it's also fun to do something in secret.

There is a joy in casually sticking a brand new and unexpected unit down on the board during deployment. Watching your opponent's facial expressions pile up in a mess of confusion, recognition, panic, excitement and surprise is one to behold. So with the recent Nerd Thunder I knew I had to do something special.

Several ideas went through my mind, including a Chaos Renegade Knight. But when Charlie offered up a box full of Space Marine spares, including a bunch of tanks I knew what I must do. An Iron Warriors Spearhead detachment.


Tzeentch's Ineffable Plan – First Taste of 8th Edition Apocalypse.

Introduction We all went to Warhammer World to play with little plastic men and tanks and this is the record of those events… at least, the interesting ones, we’ll leave out the bits about the M1.
As is typical for me, this post is slightly scattergun, consisting as it does of three parts:
1.A Battle Report 2.Our thoughts on 8th Edition 40K 3.The reflections of a General new to apocalypse
Just to add to the schizophrenic feel of the post, the battle report has been co-written by myself and Charlie. So if it makes no sense, it’s Charlie’s fault*.

The Scenario Essentially, the Thousand Sons and some corrupt Imperial Guard lackeys were attempting to summon Baraqiel, a terribly scary daemon prince of scariness. How to power said infernal ritual? By sacrificing the poor little orphans of Saint Bernisia’s 'Home for Tragically Troubled Youths'. Unfortunately for Team Evil, a Farseer of Iyanden predicted all this naughtiness and tipped off the Emperor’s finest.
Thus, when the Thousand …

Deathwatch captain kitbash

Today we have a kitbash of the Ortan Cassius model from Deathwatch: Overkill to turn him into a captain for my fledgling Deathwatch Kill Team. If memory serves, the head is one from the tactical squad box (if not, lemme know in the comments and I'll edit this!) and the sword is from the Grey Knights set. That technically makes it a force sword, but zog it, I like the look of it and fundamentally it's a sword with a techy bit to tell people to expect power-stabbing.

Other than that, conversion work was pretty minimal. I considered removing the purity tassles, but they're integral to other elements of the sculpt like the chain holding the book, so instead I altered the character concept slightly to explain his proliferation of devotionals and oaths of moment.

There are a few elements of the paint job which didn't go as planned, most brutal of which was his left eye. Ye gods. Painting 28mm eyes scares me at the best of times; I can barely see what I'm doing, but tiny …