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Blood Raven Primaris Kill Team

Since the introduction of the Primaris Marines with the new edition I've been itching to get my hands on some. I know some people do not like them, I do however. I feel that they are better proportioned than the old marines. I much prefer how they do tower over many other models. I'm not bothered by the scale creep so much as it's all made up anyway. I've also been wanting to try and up my painting game and because of such I decided to start a new project rather than add them to my Dark Angels and have the different levels of painting stand out.

So why the Blood Ravens? It's a fairly even split between the visual and the fluff (as always). The think that the red/bone colour scheme is rather handsome and somewhat striking. I also like their background, not knowing who their parent legion was. Although I choose to believe one of the theories that they are in fact The Corvidae, a fellowship of the Thousand Sons that was sent into hiding shortly before the Space Wolve…

Sector Munitorum Scenery

When Gee-Dubz brought out their Munitorum Armoured Containers, I was (I thought justifiably) scornful. If your shipping containers have been fitted with a gun, you have strayed from the path of the sane. When that gun is a storm bolter, generally reserved for veteran astartes and the like, you are a swivel-eyed nut enthusiast. When there are two such guns attached to each container, I lose the capacity for words and can only laugh. Uncontrollably.
As with so many GW kits, though, once you dial the thing back down to 10, it becomes great. The preposterous storm bolters are an optional extra, not mandatory, so when the Killzone: Sector Munitorum box came out the sheer discounty goodness made me look again. I then realised I could double down on the deal by picking up the Tempestus Scions kill team - five dudes and another two Munitorum sprues at a discount? I'll take two, thanks. 
So now I have a squad of ten Tempestus Scions storm troopers for my Inquisition warband AND a sexy new…

In Death, Redemption

One of the most enduring and interesting things about the Blood Angels is their flaw, the terrible Black Rage that dwells within them. As a result of their having to use the preserved blood of their dead Primarch and the Primarch's ability to store their memories genetically, the Blood Angels that succumb to the Rage find themselves reliving Sanguinius' terrible last hours.

Rather than let them slide into degredation, the Blood Angels mark those taken by the Black Rage out with black armour and the red saltires of Sanguinius' wounding and let them throw themselves into battle. Within my army there are already 5 jump pack Death Company marines and these 10 bring it up to quite a lot of them for a single company. I'm justifying this lore-wise by the fact that my Captain is apparently the Master of Sacrifice, a nebulously defined role that I've chosen to mean: Finds opportunities to spend the lives of the afflicted. The 3rd Company are on a constant war footing to hav…

Build a Bigger Choppa...

And the Orks will beat a path to your door.

A bit ago, Geoff said that he was about to make a Chinork for the Special Ork Service.
As luck would have it… this is something I’ve done recently for my own nefarious purposes, and here is its journey from bits to hits.. Or something.

Now, other than the joy of having my own unique thing, why would I bother scratch building it when Forgeworld make one?

Trouble is… I don’t particularly like the Forgeworld model.. For me, it looks too tall, too bulky and it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it could fly.

The ‘feel’ of a model is an important thing for me. Whilst a model (particularly an Ork one) doesn’t necessarily need to have all the bits that would make it function, it does have to look like it would or could work. My biggest problem with the FW Chinork is that it looks like the chain drive (running from the rear mounted engine to the front mounted rotor) would bend the vehicle in half.

My other problem with the Chinork is the rotors – I’ve found that t…

RPGs: wargaming's gateway drug?

Here's one way to get more of your friends into gaming with miniatures: get them hooked on RPGs first. This may well be old knowledge, but I'm new to it. Two friends, Becs and Drew, have been helping Jeff and I test our new RPG ("wait, you wrote an entire roleplaying game?" ...yes we did, check out last month's post).
Having never played an RPG before they were both soon enthralled and taking any opportunity to roleplay in any setting. This soon led to playing Inquisitor (or rather, our stripped down version of it, because the original game was ambitious yet clunky). They were enthralled by the macabre dystopian madness of the 40K mythos. Thus, when Jeff said he'd run a game of Deathwatch, they both jumped on it. Just one complication: Deathwatch uses miniatures.

Rather than being put off, they were keen to give it a punt. They split the cost of a Deathwatch box with Jack, another new player who'll be joining us for the game, and I set about showing them …

Ministry RPG. A Brand New Game!

As many of you might be aware, in addition to wargamers, most of us here at the Bunker are also keen roleplayers. Two of us (Charlie and Jeff) seem unhealthily keen as, well, we've made an entire roleplaying game! With the help of over twenty playtesters and big chunks of free time over the last four years, it's finally ready. It's called The Ministry of Extramundane Affairs, and the pre-release version can be downloaded, for free, at our new website: TwoBeard Games.

Carry on reading this post to find out some basics about the setting, the rules, and just what we mean by 'pre-release version.'

The setting
In Ministry you play a field officer working for the secret government department policing Great Britain's shadow society of paranormal inhabitants. Unbeknownst to the public, every fairy tale, myth, legend, nightmare and half-remembered old wives' tale is real. Just in case that wasn't enough to keep you busy, the story is set in 1941: right in the mid…

Blood Angels Scouts complete!

The recruitment march goes on! Even more Blood Angels scouts are reporting for final training duty with the third company.

I've recently bought a tray table for under my sofa and ooooh boy has it increased my painting output as I'm now painting while watching tv or youtube or whatever. That's why there's been a sudden uptick in my posts! These 15 models bring to a close the infantry component of the scout contingent and it's starting to look rather delightful.

The 10 bolter-armed scouts and 5 close combat chaps round out the long/medium/short design of the contingent. A third of it covers the advance, a third holds objectives and provides mid ranged fire support and the last third assaults strongpoints and deals with close contact. These will be bolstered eventually by a pair of Land Speeder Storms to carry the close combat and shotgun squads and a unit of scout bikes. All of these are being led by Scout Sgt-at-Arms Raduriel (Telion) who is currently on my painting…

Ooo Dakkaz Winz! (The Speshul Ork Service)

There is a rumour, that somewhere amongst the savage forces of Warlord Skumrenda are an elite force. Selected from the kunnin'est and the killiest nobz to be the best of the best of the best of the... something. They are the Speshul Ork Service and they mean business:

I'd been meaning to make something like this unit from the moment I started to collect Blood Axes, a special forces unit of orks full of Dakka and punching. Eventually they will be riding in their own Chinork transport but I've yet to settle on how I want to make it. For now, they'll ride in the Battlewagon. Some might be looking at the weapons choices and cocking an eyebrow but these are no normal shootas. Oh no. These are kustom shootas and this unit alone can kick out 40 assault shots a turn...

Of course, it wouldn't be Orks without some close combat punch to back up da dakka so there's a couple of power klaws, a killsaw and a big choppa among their number to deal with tricksy targets in close …

Scout Snipers (and MTP Camo Tutorial)

Greetings! My grind toward having my own slice of the Blood Angels 10th company continues and this time they're even sneakier...

Yup, it's scout sniper time. With their camo cloaks, these at least look like they can conceal themselves more completely for relatively close-range recon and fire support. I've had these models for ages, almost aeons, um, I might even have bought them and assembled them when they first came out... I dread to think when that was. But, they are finally, finally out of the to-be-painted pile and we can thus talk about them!

The scouts are painted in the same way as the last lot so I won't belabour that point too much. I needed to do some extra work on highlighting the guns as they take up a huge amount of real estate on the models. Something to notice in the picture above is that I didn't realise until too late that the transfers (thank gods only on four this time) I was using was from two different eras, the one on the right: no white back…